Is Tanto Blacks More Popular Than Vybz Kartel The World Boss

Is Tanto Blacks More Popular Than Vybz Kartel The World Boss

Wednesday, 09 March 2016
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Tanto Blacks is arguable the most popular entertainment personality right now. The big question is, Tanto’s popularity keeps soaring so much, does it makes him now more popular than even incarcerated dancehall star Vybz Kartel?

Mid 2015 Tanto Blacks, after taking breaking from the entertainment scene returned. He’s not new to the scene but his resurfacing has the the Internet and streets on fire! Tanto who is previously known for his slang “Twitter….blu tooth” and now with popularity of Instagram, he’s found a new platform to directly reach his fans.

Instagram is going crazy for his new slang “Real Rich”. It’s the hottest talk out and has the attention of the local and international Dancehall community. His music is fun and positive. The man has a vibe about him that’s contagious. He brings a smile to everyone that’s watching him!

For the last few years, even while behind bars, Vybz Kartel owned dancehall. The deejay, who hails from Portmore, rose to fame in the early 2000 and manages to developed a cult like following in dancehall globally over the last couple of years.

All across Jamaica and the diaspora are all talking about Blacks. There are also a lot of talks that Tanto Blacks popularity will fade quickly, but the deejay has only been growing more popular.

These days Tanto Blacks is fully booked with shows across Jamaica every week.

Though he did not emerge the Magnum King of dancehall when he entered the competition in 2009, he is winning at life.

The comical entertainer says that people are helping him to make his ‘real rich’ dream a reality.

Tanto Blacks was speaking to selector and host Richie Feelings on Demarco’s online reality series, Talk Yuh Mind, Volume 23.tanto


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