trelawny woman is the oldest alive at 117 years of age

trelawny woman is the oldest alive at 117 years of age

Monday, 24 April 2017
Tellstream Radio News

Mosse Brown, who is 117 years old, having been born on March 10, 1900 entered the pages of history as the oldest person on Earth on Saturday after the passing of the previous oldest, Italian Emma Morano, who was born on November 29, 1899.

Morano died at her home in Verbania, northern Italy, as the last survivor of the 19th century, reports said.

Meanwhile, the jovial Aunt V, who pointed out that she eats everything, except chicken and pork, attributes her longevity to working hard.

Aunt V and her husband worked as cane farmers, selling their crop to Long Pond Sugar Estate. Later her husband became the caretaker at the neighbouring cemetery, calling on his wife’s skills to assist him in record-keeping.

“I was a cane farmer,” she noted.

“The time come now when me just sit down. And I can’t do the reading as before.”

Mosse Brown, who was baptised 104 years ago at the Trittonville Baptist Church in her Duanvale community, shared her passion about the church.

In fact, Aunt V recounted that she has rendered service in almost every area of the church,

culminating as a keyboard player.

“I have done over 100 years at [Trittonville] Baptist Church. From I was seven years old I have been attending church. I got baptised when I was 13. And when I baptised they gave me Psalms 119 verse 133,” she recalled, beginning to recite the Psalm.

“I have done nearly everything in church. I spent all my time in the church. From a child right up.”

The senior citizen has five children alive — the eldest Harold Fairweather turned 97 on Saturday.

Aunt V, who does not suffer any ailment, quipped that she is healthier than her five living offspring.

“I have six children, one died. Five alive, but them all sick. Them sick more than me,” she said, bursting out in infectious laughter.

Meanwhile, members of the Duanvale community, which borders Sherwood Content, the hometown of Jamaican track legend Usain Bolt, are elated about Aunt V’s milestone.

“Trelawny gone pon the map again! Jamaican Violet Mosse Brown and Usain Bolt from neighbouring districts, trust me, we feel proud. That lady is great. She is good. She mek wi feel proud in the district as the oldest person in the world come from Duanvale here,” a resident, Renford Weir, exclaimed.

Craig, a village barber, shared similar sentiments.

“A big milestone. A big thing that. This put Duanvale on the map just like how you would say Bolt fi Sherwood, she is for Duanvale,” the barber said.


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